Helping people to think differently

Other characters

This is a set of cards with people and things named on them. These cards can help you to think about a problem or an issue by seeing it from the perspective of another character.


This technique is one to be played on your own or with a group of friends or colleagues when you are stuck with a problem and just want a trigger to move your thinking in a different direction. In and of itself, it may not solve anything, but will give you ideas to take away and mull over. Do it with a notebook, as ideas come thick and fast!

Working with others or alone

If you want to work with others get a group together and tell them what your problem is. If you're working on your own simply write down your problem. For example, I am not making enough time in my day to do the things I really want to do. Choose a card each (by pressing the button below), and, if working with friends, ask them to respond to your problem as though they were the characters on the card. Tell them not to edit, or try to make it fit your life. Do this for yourself if you're not working with friends. However wild or improbable, allow the answers to come.

For Example

  • Cinderella would go on an assertiveness course, then be confident enough to get the ugly sisters to do more work in the kitchen to give her more time for herself
  • My cat would simply ignore what the rest of the world thought and do it anyway (although it would look a lot like sleeping)
  • Moses would climb a mountain to get out of the way and think
  • Eric Morecombe would roll up a trouser leg and wiggle his glasses until everyone was laughing so much he could sneak away and do what he wanted
  • Walt Disney would make an animation of my life so I could sit and watch the problem being resolved on film

Let these sink into your subconscious and your right brain will make links for you without you even trying. Wait until something makes sense.

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