Helping people to think differently


What is ideation?

Ideation or creativity is all about seeing through fresh eyes. It can be used to discover small changes that can create big impacts, or to dream up new and inspiring panoramic change. Using creativity techniques broadens our thinking palette. The spectrum of possible ideas and solutions is opened up. Different, sometimes radical ways forward can be explored and tested out.

We use creativity techniques to help people solve problems, design new products, reinvent processes, or create new visions. We also run workshops to teach creativity techniques.

Example 1

We worked with a large media company to develop the creativity of their advertising sales team. It was felt that the team could be more effective at helping potential customers to think of novel ways of promoting their products.

The involvement with the team was an extended one, working at different times with all levels. Our aim was to teach the front line staff ways of being creative on the spot whilst teaching their managers new ways of leading that would encourage and enhance this creativity.

The work was not only enjoyed by all involved but was seen to make significant shifts in the team's performance.

Example 2

We worked with the teaching team at a large secondary school in the UK. Our initial aim was to help the teaching staff develop more engaging ways of working with pupils. We also spent time developing the creative skills of the teaching staff so that they could respond to classroom challenges with novel or entertaining responses.

This was a one day involvement with the team so, as well as working on the day to achieve our objectives we also developed a wide range of support materials for the teaching staff to use once we were gone. These materials complemented the development work on the day and included reminders and prompts that could be re-read at specific times to refresh thinking and creativity.