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Leadership Development

We have worked with some of the best leaders around. We have also worked with some of the worst. Not surprisingly we've learned a lot from all of them. There is also a huge amount to be learned about leadership in the academic world. We've benefited from this too. We can share this learning with you and your people in practical, memorable ways that develop individual leaders and leadership teams.

Example 1

We worked with the top level team of a large media company that ran the UK part of an international media group.

We were initially called in because of some major disfunctions in the team and how they worked together. Whilst addressing these we realised that apart from these difficulties, some significant issues were being caused by the command and control nature of the Chief Executive.

As well as continuing the work with the team we set up individual coaching sessions with members of the team. Our specific aim was to develop a range of leadership styles with the Chief Executive but we also knew that we needed to work with his direct reports if they were to help him develop a broader set of leadership skills.

At the end of the engagement the team not only felt that their working environment was healthier but that they, as a team, were significantly more effective.

Example 2

We worked with the Executive Board and their next level reports of an international logistics company. Our focus was to help them to develop a stronger sense of purpose and direction.

Since this work was a culture change engagement it required significant levels of involvement at many of the senior levels of the company. The work we undertook included team development sessions, individual coaching and running action learning sets.

The team we fielded was very small but we targeted our work to make small interventions have the highest levels of impact

The whole senior team felt that the end result was a major step forward.