Helping people to think differently

A small selection of tools for thinking


As you'll see in our strap-line, we describe our purpose as helping people to think differently. This could be about changing your leadership style by changing your thinking processes. It could be about changing the way your team think about the ways they are working or the things they could be doing. It could be about solving problems you face or developing new ideas to help you to move forward. Whatever it turns out to be, we can most certainly help you to think differently. The boxes below have some tools that might help here and now.

Random Word

The random word technique takes a word (often a noun with some evocative associations) and then generates a list of everything you know about that word. This list is then used as a stimulus for ideas.

Random Picture

The random picture technique is very like the random word technique. You can either use the picture as a stimulus for thinking about your problem differently or write a list of words that the picture makes you think of. This list can then be used as a stimulus for ideas.


Thoughtflip is what we call a deck of cards we developed. These cards each have a different creativity technique to help you form new ideas. They sit well in the middle of a full ideation process.

Other people's solutions

We spent some time wandering around shops, coffee bars, banks and other High Street establishments looking for anything that might be counted as a solution. We then wrote these solutions as deliberately vague or cryptic statements.

Other characters

This is a set of cards with people and things named on them. These cards can help you to think about a problem or an issue by seeing it from the perspective of another character.

Just for today

Mikeo Usui, the Japanese scholar who rediscovered Reiki, lived by two key maxims. Just for today I will not worry and just for today I will not anger. We were inspired by this to go far further and use this as a way of focussing on living in the moment rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. The philosophy behind this page is that your long-term intentions are of paramount importance to your growth and development but today is the only day you can act.