Helping people to think differently

What we do

We help.

We help individuals, teams and organisations to be better, to be more effective and to achieve their purpose more successfully. We do this in a wide variety of ways, some of which are listed on these pages. If you want to know more about us, get in touch. We are always happy to talk.


Sometimes a group of people need an outside person to help them think together. Someone who is completely neutral about the content of the matter in hand, but skilled in supporting groups to work well. This might involve creating a structured process to help a group explore options, make decisions or create strategies. Or it might involve helping a group to understand and manage their internal relationships. Usually a bit of both! We can be involved with a client for a single meeting, or for several interventions over time – sometimes years.

Leadership development

We have worked with some of the best leaders around. We have also worked with some of the worst. Not surprisingly we've learned a lot from all of them. There is also a huge amount to be learned about leadership in the academic world. We've benefited from this too. We can share this learning with you and your people in practical, memorable ways that develop individual leaders and leadership teams.

Team Development

Teams sit at the heart of everything that organisations do. They can be the source of your success or, when they are not working well, the source of your failures. We can work with you and your team to help you move into more effective ways of working.


Ideation or creativity is all about seeing through fresh eyes. It can be used to discover small changes that can create big impacts, or to dream up new and inspiring panoramic change. Using creativity techniques broadens our thinking palette. The spectrum of possible ideas and solutions is opened up. Different, sometimes radical ways forward can be explored and tested out.

Speaking engagements

Paul Birch is gifted and inspirational speaker with a wealth of organisational experience.